In an exciting initiative, Markets Group has joined forces with the CFA Society, CAIA, CalALTS and other leading alternative investment associations to develop a series of educationally-focused alternative investment events covering hedge funds, PE, VC, liquid alts, credit, private debt, real estate, real assets and more. The series is driven by these associations and brings together both private wealth and institutional investors including wealth managers, corporate pensions, public pensions, insurance funds, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, health care organizations and private bankers. Working with these leading associations on all elements, these ticketed events have established an incredibly high standard of attendee comprised in large part the members of the respective groups. The ALTS series is a great way to learn and network with the absolute best in the alternatives industry.

Current Events


Los Angeles | March 29th, 2021


Hong Kong | June 1st, 2021


Chicago | June 24th, 2021


Mountain View | September 9th, 2021


Seattle | September 23rd, 2021


Singapore | November 4th, 2021


Dallas | November 4th, 2021


Miami | December 7th, 2021

Paul Hamann

Head of Alternatives and Strategic Partnerships

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Patrick Egan

Co-Head of Real Estate

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Paola Segura

Head of Asia Pacific

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Karishna Perez

Program Manager / Investor Relations

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Orlanda Poblete

Delegate Relations Associate

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