Competitive Salary & Benefits

We constantly survey the competition to ensure we maintain some of the highest, most competitive salary/bonus/commission levels in the industry. Additionally, after two months at the firm you will qualify for our employee health plan.

Career Growth

We take great pride at Markets Group in promoting our leaders from within. All of our middle and upper management employees started in production, sales or marketing roles and worked their way into management. Additionally, we encourage employees to develop their knowledge and expertise by working on different product teams and rotating through different job functions.

Diverse Culture

In many ways, the team here at Markets Group is the very definition of diverse. Almost 40% of the staff is female while over 53% of our company was born in a foreign country. We value international backgrounds and take pride in the amazing mix of people that work here.

Professional Development and Training

At Markets Group we know that we are only as good as the team we put on the field. Therefore, we take your training and professional development very seriously. This department is led by a former investment banker with 16-years of Wall Street experience who is also an adjunct professor of business communication at New York University’s Stern School of Business. We make sure you learn all the skills necessary – in sales, production, marketing, presenting, logistics, etc. - to help us build a conference, create value for clients and understand the complicated world of Wall Street finance.

Chance to work and learn at one of the world’s fastest growing private companies

Inc. Magazine recently named Markets Group (formerly Latin Markets) as one of the 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the United States. We are an aggressive, fast-growing start-up and we intend to stay that way for a long-time. We embrace change, enjoy challenges and remain intellectually curious about the dynamic world of finance that exists across the Americas.

International Business Travel

As the leading provider of high-level financial services events in the Americas, we here at the Markets Group travel throughout the US, Central and South America. As an associate at Markets Group, you could quickly find yourself traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to work with some of the most important private equity executives on the planet. Or perhaps you’ll be working with commercial and residential real estate developers in Mexico City, Mexico. You could even end up flying to Panama City, Panama to discuss some of the most important infrastructure projects in the Americas. Your work at Markets Group will regularly take you to some of the world’s most interesting and dynamic international destinations to work with some of the world’s most influential businesspeople.

Half-Day Fridays

As long as work has been completed, team members leave the office starting at 1:00 PM on Fridays all year long.

Park Ave Location

We are located near the heart of NYC, close to such landmarks as Empire State Building, Grand Central Station and Madison Square Park.

Join Markets Group

If you are looking to be a part of a fast-growing, dynamic, international, diverse organization like Markets Group, please reach out to [email protected]