Would you like to meet with five institutional investors or family offices via videoconferencing?

Our Virtual Roundtable Discussions allow you to host a customized 20 minute presentation to a group of 5-8 targeted allocators who are interested in hearing from you, followed by a 20 minute interactive Q&A session.

This is done through a streamlined videoconferencing platform. Further, our Virtual Roundtable Discussions allow you to select a region or regions where we leverage our deep local relationships to identify prime investors targets in order to assist in your fundraising efforts.

Why Host:

  • Present a customized topical presentation to a group of carefully vetted allocators
  • Rely on our vast rolodex and expertise in vetting versus attempting to navigate on your own
  • Engage in an interactive experience, and not a pre-recorded presentation
  • Leverage us as a non-biased third party to add credibility

Please let me know if you would like to schedule a quick call to provide additional background on hosting a Virtual Roundtable Discussion with Markets Group.

“Roundtable format was very productive, brought a lot of ideas and people together to share their thoughts. Collectively a group will do a better job than an individual, Markets Group has found the perfect format to join individuals together and discuss the future of our world”
- Director of Investments


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