TPR Announces Interim Leadership Changes

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has made several interim appointments, with Neil Bull becoming Interim Director of Market Oversight, Nina Blackett taking on the role of Interim Director of Strategy, Policy, and Analysis, and Mel Charles assuming the position of Interim Director of Regulatory Compliance. These appointments come as TPR adapts to changes in the pensions landscape, transitioning to a more competitive marketplace with fewer, larger schemes. Last month, TPR introduced three new regulatory functions—Regulatory Compliance, Market Oversight, and Strategy Policy and Analysis—to better align its structure with strategic priorities and core functions.

Nausicaa Delfas, Chief Executive of TPR, highlighted the importance of these appointments in facilitating a shift in the regulatory approach. These changes aim to protect, enhance, and innovate within the evolving pensions market while fostering efficiency and effectiveness in regulatory practices. The interim appointees are expected to serve while TPR recruits for the three permanent Executive Director roles. To facilitate this process, TPR has launched a new microsite encouraging applications from both internal colleagues and the wider market.

Louise Davey remains a member of TPR's Executive Team, leading the interim Regulatory Advice and Analysis directorate and serving as a key spokesperson at industry events. Neil Bull, who has been with TPR since 2017, brings extensive experience to his new role. He currently heads the Investment team, providing guidance on investment matters in both Defined Benefit (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) pension schemes. With nearly thirty years in the commercial pensions sector, Neil possesses a deep understanding of pension markets and risk management, having served in various capacities such as investment consultant and fixed-income portfolio manager.

Nina Blackett, who joined TPR in September 2023, initially as Director of Digital Services, has assumed the responsibility of leading TPR's approach to regulating Master Trusts and implementing multi-disciplinary teams. With a background in designing evidence-based interventions across healthcare and education sectors, Nina brings valuable expertise in digital innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration. Mel Charles, another longstanding member of TPR since 2011, has held diverse roles, most recently as Director of Automatic Enrolment. In this capacity, he oversaw all aspects of regulatory operations, leveraging his legal background and risk management expertise to drive compliance and enforcement efforts.

These appointments reflect TPR's commitment to strengthening its regulatory framework and adapting to the evolving needs of the pensions industry. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and strategic alignment, TPR aims to uphold its mandate of safeguarding pension schemes and promoting positive outcomes for pension scheme members.

Source: The Pensions Regulator