OPB Appoints New President & Chief Pension Officer

OPB has disclosed the selection of Darwin Bozek for the interim role of President & Chief Pension Officer. Darwin is set to assume the position at OPB on February 1, 2024, marking the initial phase of the organization's planned leadership transition.

Darwin brings over three decades of experience as a prominent figure in the public service pensions sector. He has been in the role of President & CEO at Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS) since 2017. His extensive career includes positions such as Senior Assistant Deputy Minister of Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Controller for the Province of Alberta, and Chief Financial Officer for the Alberta Investment Management Corporation.

When Darwin Bozek joins OPB on February 1, 2024, he will assume the transitional role of President & Chief Pension Officer. During this phase, he will collaborate with Peter Shena and the Pensions group to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP). Peter Shena, the current Chief Pension Officer (CPO), is set to retire in the spring. However, he has committed to serving as Chief Transition Officer throughout 2024. In this capacity, Shena will facilitate a seamless transition and provide ongoing leadership for critical projects.

Darwin Bozek, in collaboration with Mark Fuller, will meticulously prepare for his transition to President & CEO. Together, they will ensure an effective knowledge transfer across all crucial functions within the organization. Bozek will also take the lead in selecting the permanent Chief Pension Officer, with the process expected to commence before the end of 2024.

Source: OPB