LUPK Appoints New Managing Director

The Lucerne Pension Fund (LUPK) is set to undergo a change in leadership, as Reto Tarreghetta, the acting managing director, tendered his resignation at the close of May, concluding a tenure of approximately six years.

Expressing regret over Tarreghetta's departure, the board extends gratitude for his commendable and invaluable contributions. During his stewardship, Tarreghetta played a pivotal role in the strategic and operational advancement of LUPK, fostering its professionalization, sustainability, and robust financial footing.

Efforts to secure a new management figure are already underway, with the recruitment process initiated. In the interim period preceding the appointment of a new director, Rolf Haufgartner, Head of Finance, will assume the role of managing LUPK. Leveraging his extensive experience and profound expertise, Haufgartner is poised to ensure continuity and operational stability until a permanent replacement is appointed.

Source: LUPK