LPGS Central Announced Two Appointments

LGPS Central has recently announced key additions to its investment management team through internal appointments, reinforcing its commitment to strategic growth. Nadeem Husaain, assuming the role of Head of Private Markets, expressed enthusiasm about leading the team during a period of robust expansion in Private Market investments. He highlighted the importance of working closely with Partner Funds to address their specific needs, enhance portfolios, and achieve cost savings while maintaining a commitment to delivering superior investment performance.

Similarly, Mark Davies, the newly appointed Head of Public Markets, shared his excitement about the pivotal role he will play in the UK Pension Pool's journey. He emphasized the significance of leveraging the organization's established connections with Partner Funds to generate additional cost savings. Mark expressed his dedication to delivering the necessary investment returns for Partner Funds and their LGPS scheme members, emphasizing the strategic importance of his role at this crucial juncture in UK Pooling.

Both leaders, with diverse skillsets and extensive career backgrounds, are poised to contribute significantly to the long-term product strategy of the UK Pension Pool. These internal appointments underscore LGPS Central's commitment to providing continuous support to Chief Investment Officer Gordon Ross and ensuring the organization remains agile and responsive to the evolving landscape of investment management.

Source: LGPS Central