HESTA appoints Sophie Jelleff as Head of Investment Execution

Sophie Jelleff has been named as the new Head of Investment Execution at HESTA, starting from April 8, 2024. In her new position, Ms. Jelleff will work closely with HESTA's Executive and Investment Management teams to develop and implement the fund's investment execution strategies.

Ms. Jelleff's appointment highlights HESTA's dedication to enhancing its investment capabilities and maximizing returns for its more than one million members. She will play a crucial role in shaping and leading the fund's investment execution strategies, aligning them with the organization's broader goals.

HESTA CEO Debby Blakey underscored the importance of Ms. Jelleff's appointment, emphasizing her role in shaping the investment operating model and delivering value to members. Ms. Blakey expressed confidence in Ms. Jelleff's ability to drive strategic initiatives that will benefit HESTA's members.

With her extensive experience and expertise, Ms. Jelleff's appointment signals HESTA's continued commitment to strengthening its investment management capabilities and ensuring the financial well-being of its members. Her leadership will be instrumental in driving HESTA's investment strategies forward and achieving its long-term objectives.

"Sophie's extensive experience in investment operations will undoubtedly bring value to HESTA's members," Ms Blakey said. 

"Her appointment signals our commitment to further strengthening HESTA's investment capabilities and delivering the best financial returns for members."

With a career spanning over 25 years, Ms. Jelleff possesses extensive investment experience, having held leadership positions at prominent financial institutions such as Citi and JP Morgan. Her background brings a wealth of expertise to her new role, offering valuable insights and strategic guidance to HESTA.

Having worked at renowned financial services organizations like NAB and BNY Mellon, Ms. Jelleff has further refined her strategic acumen and gained a global perspective on financial markets. Her tenure in these institutions has contributed to her comprehensive understanding of investment dynamics and market trends.

Stephen Reilly, HESTA's Chief Operating Officer, emphasized the significance of Ms. Jelleff's appointment in enhancing the fund's investment operating platform. He highlighted the importance of this development in facilitating current and future multi-asset class investment management activities, ultimately aiming to achieve positive outcomes for HESTA's members.

"Sophie's leadership and operations experience, domestically and globally, will benefit members and align with HESTA's commitment to investment excellence," he said.

Commenting on her appointment, Ms Jelleff expressed her enthusiasm for joining HESTA and contributing to the fund's continued success. 

"I am thrilled to be joining HESTA and helping to deliver exceptional investment outcomes for its one million plus members," she said. 

Source: HESTA