GIC Senior Leadership Appointments

GIC Singapore has announced forthcoming changes to its senior management team, set to take effect on 1 April 2024. The organization is appointing six new seniors to various teams within its structure.

Mr Sam Kim, presently serving as Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO), will assume the role of COO and become a member of the Group Executive Committee (GEC), the apex management body at GIC. The GEC is responsible for reviewing and endorsing crucial investment matters, as well as organizational and personnel issues.

Meanwhile, Mr Bryan Yeo, the current Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for Public Equities, will transition to the position of Deputy Group CIO. Additionally, he will supervise GIC’s Integrated Strategies Group (ISG) in his capacity as Director.

Mr Mark Ong, who presently heads Asia Pacific Equities, is slated to succeed Mr Yeo as CIO for Public Equities.

In another transition, Mr Goh Chin Kiong, currently Deputy CIO for Real Estate, will ascend to the role of CIO for Real Estate, succeeding Mr Lee Kok Sun, who is retiring from GIC.

Furthermore, Mr Boon Chin Hau is designated to assume the role of Deputy CIO for Infrastructure.

Concurrently, Mr Tay Lim Hock and Mr Lim Kee Chong will relinquish their roles as Deputy Group CIO and COO, and Deputy Group CIO and Director of ISG, respectively. However, they will retain their positions as members of the GEC and the Global Leadership Group, and will continue to contribute to investment evaluations and other corporate initiatives.

Mr Lim Chow Kiat, GIC's Chief Executive Officer, extended his appreciation to Mr Lee for his enduring commitment to GIC spanning 27 years, particularly during his tenure as CIO for Real Estate. Acknowledging Mr Lee's pivotal role in shaping GIC's real estate portfolio, Mr Lim expressed well wishes for his retirement. Additionally, Mr Lim expressed confidence in the capabilities of Mr Tay and Mr Lim, affirming their continued contributions within various leadership capacities. He concluded by expressing optimism in GIC's ability to maintain excellence in operational and investment domains with the bolstered leadership team.

Source: GIC