Commissioner Buckingham Appoints Bob Borden as the New CEO of Texas Permanent School Fund

Texas Land Commissioner and Texas Permanent School Fund (PSF) Corporation Board Member Dawn Buckingham, M.D. has announced that Bob Borden will become the Chief Executive Officer of the Texas Permanent School Fund Corporation.

Bob Borden will succeed Britt Harris, a recipient of the CIO Markets Group Hall of Fame Award, who previously served as the Texas Permanent School Fund Corporation CEO since July 2023.

“First of all, I would like to thank the members of the PSF Corporation board for their commitment to public education in the state of Texas. I have long said that educating our children is the most important thing we do. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the interim CEO, Britt Harris, for his service to the Children’s Fund and for steering the PSF in a direction that benefits Texas schoolchildren. It is my hope that Mr. Borden will continue to implement a strong vision that ensures the PSF provides adequate funding for the education of our children. As a board member, I will remain steadfast in advocating that the billions of dollars generated every year are responsibly stewarded.”

The Texas Permanent School Fund, with a value exceeding $55 billion, plays a crucial role in bolstering public education in the Lone Star State and stands as the largest fund of its kind in the nation. Annually, the fund allocates nearly $2.2 billion to support K-12 schools across Texas.

Source: The Texas General Land Office