Celine Chiovitti to Become Chief Pension Officer at OMERS

The Ontario Municipal Employees’ Retirement System is appointing Celine Chiovitti as chief pension officer, effective Feb. 6, 2024.

During her tenure at OMERS spanning over a decade, including her final two years as Executive Vice President and Head of Pensions, Celine has made a profoundly positive and significant impact on the community, particularly among OMERS' extensive membership of over 600,000 individuals. Tasked with overseeing pension administration and addressing the diverse service needs of the membership, Celine has consistently embodied the ethos of OMERS' members, who dedicate their careers to serving Ontario's communities.

Under her guidance, the first-ever Inclusion & Diversity Committee within OMERS' Pensions group was established, showcasing her commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. Additionally, for four years, Celine served as the Executive sponsor of the Enterprise Women@OMERS Employee Resource Group (ERG), further demonstrating her dedication to promoting diversity and empowerment within the organization.

Source: Ontario Municipal Employees’ Retirement System