Cbus’s deputy CIO set to step down in June

By Muskan Arora

Alexandra Campbell will step down from the role of deputy CIO and head of private markets at $85 billion Cbus Super Fund in June, a spokesperson confirmed.

Campbell joined the fund almost four years ago, in 2020, as the head of infrastructure and moved up to being the head of private markets and then deputy CIO.

She was promoted in 2023 after the former CEO Justin Arter retired in May. This led to former CIO Kristian Fok to be promoted as CEO and Brett Chatfield to CIO from deputy CIO.

As a deputy CIO, Campbell is responsible for asset allocation, portfolio construction, responsible investments, and regulatory frameworks.

While Campbell’s future actions are not available, prior to joining Cbus, Campbell worked as a senior investment director in the infrastructure team at Australian Super for two years and led multiple investments in the infrastructure sector. 

Before that, she was the founding principal of Avoca Capital Advisors, for five years, where she was responsible for asset management, principal investment and advisory services to a range of investors, operators and other industry stakeholders.

“Throughout her time at Cbus, Alexandra made an incredible contribution to the fund by leading the private markets team and driving portfolio performance, as well as overseeing the overall investment function,” the spokesperson said.

(Imagine: Alexandra Campbell's LinkedIn)