CalPERS Announces Elected Board President and Vice President

The CalPERS Board of Administration has unanimously re-elected Theresa Taylor to serve as the board president. Currently in her third term on the board, Taylor is also in her second consecutive term as president, having been initially elected to her position by state employee members in 2015. Beyond her role as president, Taylor holds various key positions, including chair of the pension fund's Board Governance committee, vice chair of the Investment committee, and membership in the Finance & Administration, Pension & Health Benefits, and the Performance, Compensation & Talent Management committees. With a career spanning more than 25 years, Taylor is a principal compliance representative at the Franchise Tax Board and has actively contributed to the board's governance structure.

In her capacity as board president, Taylor assumes the responsibility of overseeing the board's business, setting meeting schedules, and shaping agendas in collaboration with other board members and the CalPERS executive team. Additionally, she holds the authority to make appointments to board committees, reflecting her pivotal role in guiding the board's operations.

David Miller, also re-elected, continues his service on the CalPERS Board of Administration as the vice president. Entering his second term on the board, Miller was initially elected by active and retired CalPERS members in 2017. Currently serving as the chair of both the Investment and Risk & Audit committees, and vice chair of the Board Governance and Finance & Administration committees, he also contributes to the Pension & Health Benefits committee. With over 25 years of public service focused on environmental regulatory programs, pollution prevention, environmental technology development, and performance management, Miller's expertise enhances the board's capabilities. Notably, he assumed the role of vice president in 2023, further solidifying his commitment to the board's responsibilities.

The re-election of Theresa Taylor as president and David Miller as vice president underscores the continued trust and confidence the CalPERS Board places in their leadership and experience. The diverse and extensive backgrounds of both leaders contribute to the effective governance and strategic direction of CalPERS, one of the largest public pension funds in the United States.

Source: CalPERS