Ben Samild Becomes Chief Investment Officer at the Future Fund

Ben Samild has been elevated to the position of Chief Investment Officer by the Future Fund after an extensive worldwide quest in accordance with government procedures.

Having served at the Future Fund for a decade and as the deputy CIO since 2021, Mr. Samild will offer both continuity and an in-depth comprehension of the investment portfolio to the 90-member investment team responsible for managing a portfolio exceeding $250 billion on a global scale.

He will take over the role of CIO from Future Fund's Chief Executive Officer, Raphael Arndt, who had been temporarily serving in that capacity since June of the previous year.

In 2021, Mr. Samild served as Deputy CIO for Portfolio Strategy, the position he held until 2022 but with a focus on Portfolio Construction. During this time, he played a key role in evaluating the investment strategy in light of the 'New Investment Order' position paper, which outlined the Future Fund's perspective on the evolving global landscape.

His journey at the Future Fund began in 2013 when he assumed the role of Director of Debt and Alternatives. Prior to this, he had spent four years as the Head of Investment Strategy for LUCRF Super. In 2018, he was appointed as the Head of Alternatives, contributing to the significant expansion of the Future Fund's investment allocation in this asset class.

Source: Future Fund