Alberta Pension Manager Launches C$1 Billion Energy Transition Fund

The Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) unveiled its strategy for climate investing and introduced the Energy Transition Opportunities Pool (ETOP), a $1 billion fund focused on investing in global energy transition and decarbonization sectors.

“AIMCo has been strategically evaluating climate change risks and opportunities for the last decade and the organization has a strong track record of making investments in the energy transition space,” said Marlene Puffer, Chief Investment Officer, AIMCo. “Our climate approach provides important transparency around how we consider climate in our investments and how we will, over the long run, help reduce emissions.”

AIMCo has introduced a climate taxonomy to assess and categorize the energy transition readiness and carbon intensity of both existing and prospective investments. This tool aids investment teams in evaluating climate risks within client portfolios and enhancing overall portfolio transition readiness. The initial $1 billion allocated to AIMCo's ETOP constitutes fresh capital, with investments in this pool supplementing AIMCo's existing climate-related investments across various asset classes.

“We are gratified by our clients’ commitment both to the new pool and to our shared objective of supporting and benefiting from energy transition and decarbonization opportunities,” said Ben Hawkins, Executive Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure & Renewable Resources.

Source: AIMCo