Advancing Portfolio Innovation Series: Institutional Allocator Viewpoints from NY, NJ & CT

Market’s Group has conducted an exclusive survey in the New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York region, to provide valuable insights for the peer asset allocator community. Focused on understanding prevailing market conditions and successful investment strategies, our survey aims to provide a comprehensive snapshot of allocator sentiments in the region for Q1, 2024. 

1 - How has your institution adapted diversification strategies amid market changes & uncertainty?

 2 - How does your institution determine its allocation strategy for private credit?

3 - What extent does your institution engage with diverse asset managers in the selection process?

4 - How does your institution manage risk in the market, especially in portfolio construction?

5 - What measures does your institution take to mitigate risks associated with private credit?

6 - How does your institution's appetite for private equity align with its investment strategy?

7 - How does your institution integrate DEI in investment decision-making?

8 - What is the typical investment horizon your institution considers when engaging in PE?