AXA Named Rémi Lambert as CIO for Architas

Rémi Lambert has been appointed as Chief Investment Officer for Architas at AXA Investment Managers, effective immediately. He succeeds Jaime Arguello, who has retired. Rémi Lambert will report to Matthieu André, the CEO of Architas.

Rémi Lambert has joined Architas' Global Management Committee in his role as Chief Investment Officer. Operating from Paris, his key priorities will include maintaining robust investment performance, enhancing core processes at Architas, and fostering strong collaboration with both AXA IM business units and AXA entities that utilize Architas' products and services. Previously, Rémi served as the Chief Investment Officer of Architas France for more than a decade.

Rémi Lambert embarked on his professional journey as a consultant analyst with Datastream-Primark in 1996. Following this, he joined Indocam (now part of Amundi) in 1998, serving as a Financial Engineering and Risk Analyst. In 2000, Rémi transitioned to Société Générale Asset Management, initially holding the position of Head of Institutional Marketing for Multi-Asset Products. By 2003, he had moved into a Portfolio Management role within the Multi-Asset team, eventually becoming the Head of Institutional Multi-Asset Management in 2005. In 2008, Rémi joined the AXA Group under the AXA Wealth Management unit as the Head of Financial Engineering. With the launch of AXA Private Management in 2010 (renamed Architas France in 2015), Rémi assumed the roles of Deputy CEO and CIO.

Source: AXA IM