APS Welcomes John McMurdo to Board of Directors

Australian Philanthropic Services (APS) has announced the addition of John McMurdo to its Board of Directors, effective from November 2023. This appointment comes as John takes over from the retiring Tim Fairfax AC on the board.

In 2020, John assumed the role of CEO at Australian Ethical Investment Limited (ASX: AEF) and is actively engaged in providing private support to a diverse array of charitable organizations. John also added, "I have been involved with philanthropy and APS for many years. Structured giving is one of the most effective vehicles for growing philanthropy in Australia and helping direct much needed funds into the community."

Extending a warm welcome to John on the board, APS Chairman Chris Cuffe said, "John's passion for philanthropy and over 35 years' experience in investment, advisory and wealth management experience will be valuable for helping to guide the growth of APS. We look forward to having him as part of our board."

Source: APS