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The Real Estate Private Wealth Retreat is a local peer-to-peer educational event exclusively for the institutional and high net worth wealth management community with a specific focus on allocations to real estate.

The forum brings together investors, funds, and advisers for a one-day meeting to discuss sectors, due diligence, and real estate investment opportunities in the US and around the world.

The investor-focused event provides a due diligence platform for US based and international family offices and wealth managers interested in direct research on real estate opportunities.





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Key Discussion Topics

State of the Industry

Thought leaders set the stage with an economic outlook addressing the leading global real estate markets. Our panelists will share their views on U.S. asset allocation strategies and macroeconomic factors weighing into their decision-making processes in the next six to twelve months. Which sectors within the real estate sector are outperforming? How are you structuring your real estate allocations moving into 2025?

A New Chapter for Multifamily

How are private wealth allocators approaching multifamily strategies? What kind of returns are you seeing from this space? Will interest rates impact the trends that you are seeing in multifamily investments? How can managers set themselves apart from other players? Which geographic regions of the U.S. are seeing more demand in multifamily? Based on your due diligence, what will the next chapter of multifamily hold?

Real Estate Alternatives Worth a Second Look

Real Estate alternatives like manufactured housing, life sciences, student housing, self-storage facilities, data centers, film & television production studios, senior housing, cold storage, and medical office buildings, among others, have gained increased attention by investors. Macroeconomic trends and factors include an imperative for data management, an aging baby boomer population, and a societal focus on health and medicine. How are these real estate strategies performing? As you assess your portfolio for 2025, which asset class to you expect to outperform?

Unearthing Opportunities in Private Credit and Private Debt

What type of distressed assets are performing favorably? What kind of loan structures would you recommend incorporating into your investment strategy? Which structures would you actively avoid? Are you approaching debt differently in different real estate asset classes? How are private wealth allocators approaching private credit in the current economic environment? Where can investors find opportunities in the credit market? 

The Evolution of Industrial

How are private wealth investors vetting industrial opportunities? What sub-segments of the industrial real estate sector are yielding favorable returns? How has industrial changed, and how do you foresee the asset class changing in 2025? What can family offices and RIAs do to maximize their exposure to industrial? What economic factors are driving the industrial industry?

Top Tier Risk Valuation

How are private wealth real estate investors evaluating the risk of their real estate strategies within their investment portfolios? Are there any new due diligence methods that your team is utilizing to ensure appropriate lengths are taken? As you look ahead to 2025, are you favoring opportunistic and value-add strategies, or is your team in favor of allocating to core and core plus strategies? Do different geographic markets change your approach to risk? What headwinds are your research teams anticipating?

How Can Listed REITs Bolster Your Real Estate Portfolio?

How are Family Offices and RIAs effectively incorporating REITs into their real estate strategies? What best practices can you share on balancing and diversifying your portfolio with listed real estate funds? What are the benefits of incorporating REITs in a private wealth real estate portfolio? Where are you seeing opportunities emerge as we look ahead to 2025?

Stabilization Amongst Geopolitical Turmoil

How have global geopolitical developments affected your portfolios, and what are you doing to generate stable returns for your underlying clients? What has your team done to adapt to the current environment? What geopolitical factors are playing the greatest role in your investment decision-making process? What can RIAs and family offices do to hedge against global disruption and develop growth strategies?


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Early Bird Pricing - Managers & Service Providers 2,500 USD 04/27/24
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