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The 6th Annual Private Wealth New England Forum is the region's leading conference for family offices, high net worth wealth managers and private banks from throughout the region and one of the flagship meetings of our global private wealth series. The forum’s content was developed through hundreds of one-on-one meetings with the HNW family wealth management community and the program's speaker faculty is primarily comprised of leaders in the sector from across New England.

Our agenda covers asset allocation and protection, equity markets, fixed income, alternative investments, as well as succession planning and an outlook of the financial markets and the global economy. This event is completely closed-door and invitation only, and it has been designed to enable genuine peer-to-peer learning and networking for the regional private wealth community.


Steve Pagliuca, Co-Chairman, Bain Capital, Co-Owner, Boston Celtics

Mr. Pagliuca is Co-Chair of Bain Capital, a leading global private investment firm with over $105 billion in assets under management. He also serves as the global head of Bain Capital Private Equity’s technology, media, and telecommunications vertical and financial services vertical. Since joining the firm in 1989, Mr. Pagliuca has played a leading role in a wide spectrum of prominent technology, media, telecommunications and financial services businesses in which Bain Capital Private Equity has made investments. Prior to joining Bain Capital, Mr. Pagliuca was at Bain & Company where he advised many Fortune 500 companies on business strategy and growth initiatives. Mr. Pagliuca is a Managing General Partner and co-owner of the Boston Celtics. He is also active in a number of charitable and civic activities. Mr. Pagliuca is President of the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, Chairman of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC) and is a board member of Bain Capital Children's Charity. Mr. Pagliuca is a member of the Harvard Business School Board of Dean’s Advisors. He is also a member of the Duke University Board of Trustees.

Stephen Lewinstein, President, Stephen R. Lewinstein Associates, Co-Owner, Boston Celtics

Mr. Lewinstein received a B.A. degree from Dartmouth College in 1963, an LLB from Cornell University School of Law in 1967 and a Masters Degree in Taxation from Boston University School of Law in 1970. In 1988, Mr. Lewinstein was selected to serve as law clerk to a Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice. From 1969-1988, he was a Senior Executive Officer and member of the Management Executive Committee of UST Corp., a Boston based bank holding company, where also served as President of three of its bank-related subsidiaries. In 1988 Mr. Lewinstein left UST Corp. to devote full time to his real estate investment and development business, Stephen R. Lewinstein Associates, which presently owns 109 properties throughout New England. He is presently a co-owner and Board Member of the Boston Celtics, which, in addition to playing in the-NBA, contributes to various children's charities through its Shamrock Foundation.






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Key Discussion Topics

Opening Bell: Financial and Macro-Economic Outlook for the Next 12 Months 
At first glance, the investment outlook for the next 12 months seemed to be straightforward. Growth was weak but steady until COVID-19 hit. 


How to Best Take Advantage of Opportunistic Alternative Investments 

The market foresees an abundance of family offices, post-crisis regulation, technological developments, and macroeconomic shifts in demographics and economic policy. In the wake of COVID-19, market volatility is at an all-time high globally. 


Fixed Income: Realistic Expectations and Ways to Enhance Returns

Bond yields and spreads near historic low levels are currently fueled further by the outbreak of COVID-19. 


Global and Local Equities and Their Impact on Portfolios

The stock market has fallen significantly and continues fluctuation due to the outbreak of COVID-19. However, unlike the housing    crisis of 2008, central banks are firm in their stimulus efforts.

Evaluating Real Assets and Real Estate Investment Strategies

This panel examines the benefits and the drawbacks of real assets and real estate. With the effects of COVID-19, deal volume is lower across International markets.

Opportunities in the Current Alternative Bucket 

As allocations from investors continue to rise into alternative investments, such as private debt, infrastructure and real estate, the session addresses the best ways to access these markets.


The Future of Asset Allocation and Family Governance 

With competition for clients and assets constantly increasing, wealth management practices need to ensure that their organizational structures, service models, strategies, products and pricing are positioned to achieve growth, revenue and relationship objectives. 


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