Private Wealth Florida Forum Palm Beach, FL | September 26, 2017 Request Agenda

The Private Wealth Florida Forum is a one-day meeting of the largest family offices, private banks and registered investment advisors based in Florida. The event provides an educational overview of both asset allocation and asset protection strategies for the private client intermediary and HNWI.

The Forum is designed to shine light on the latest investment strategies and equip local investors with a clear path forward in their business development strategies. Over 30 investor speakers are joining us for the Forum to provide analysis of pertinent HNW trends and opportunities.



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Key Discussion Topics

Asset Protection
How can private clients and wealthy families leverage an increasingly specialized and expert industry to protect wealth?

Succession Planning
Maintaining wealth through generations – maintaining relationships and preparing for changing economic and political environments.

Asset Allocation
Diversifying, growing returns, and understanding risk tolerance among private client investors.

Alternative Investments
Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Commodities, and esoteric asset classes all hold appeal for wealthy families – how do we demystify allocations outside the traditional markets?

Family Governance
How do family offices clarify and coordinate governance – is good governance different for family firms?

Philanthropic Planning
Developing a charitable expertise, from the family to the high end advisor.


Sponsorship is only available upon invitation and Markets Group reserves the right to refuse sponsorship from any organization or individual deemed by Markets Group to be incompatible with the event. Markets Group forum sessions are closed to all media/press and video/audio recording is explicitly prohibited within the venue.


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