4th Annual Private Wealth Asia Singapore Forum Singapore | April 19, 2023 Request Agenda

The Private Wealth Asia Forum is the region's leading conference for family offices, high net worth wealth managers and private banks from throughout the region. The forum’s content is developed through hundreds of one-on-one meetings with the high net worth family wealth management community and the program's speaker faculty is primarily comprised of leaders in the sector across Asia.

Our agenda covers asset allocation and protection, equity markets, fixed income, alternative investments, as well as succession planning and an outlook of the financial markets and the global economy. This event is completely closed-door and invitation-only, and it is designed to enable genuine peer-to-peer learning and networking for the regional private wealth community.

We're committed to the health and safety of all of our attendees. At each of our events the following COVID-19 related protocols will be in place to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all guests:

* Fully vaccinated means two weeks after the second dose in two-dose vaccine or two weeks after the first dose in a one dose vaccine.

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Key Discussion Topics

Asset Allocation and Macro-Economic Outlook 

Despite its historic economic disruption, the novel coronavirus did just short-lived harm to finance.

Fixed Income - From Golden Age to ‘Return-Free Risk’

The golden age of fixed income is over. COVID-19 fueled bond divestment into a liquidity crunch, not to mention price dislocation---even for the U.S. Treasury market.

Equities - Did COVID-19 Help or Hurt Active Management?

The decade of 2009 through 2019 coincided with the longest Bull Market: the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached 28,000, Netflix returned 4,000 percent and indexing outperformed active management.

ESG in Practice for Long Term Investors

The ESG discussion is evolving rapidly, as are techniques for incorporating ESG analytics and factors into the portfolio construction process.

Succession Planning and Risk Management in Family Office

The millionaire population of Singapore is expected to increase 60 percent in 2025 (Credit Suisse Group), enabling a nationwide single-family office or multi-family office rise.

Public and Private Opportunistic Alternative Investing

Singapore is becoming a global center for alternative asset management.

Discussing Digital Assets, Robo-advisor and Fintech Innovation

Regulation has not kept pace with the robo-advisor—the online or mobile application using computer algorithm to determine client asset allocation and overall investment objective.

High-Net-Worth Administration and Preservation

With competition for clients and assets constantly increasing, wealth management practices need to ensure that their organizational structures, service models, strategies, products, and pricing are positioned to achieve growth, revenue and relationship objectives.


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