15th Private Equity Latin America Forum São Paulo | December 9-10, 2024 Request Agenda

The 15th Private Equity Latin America Forum is Latin America's leading private markets investment conference.

The forum brings together investors, fund managers, and advisers for a two-day meeting to discuss sectors, due diligence, and private equity investment opportunities in Latin America and around the world.

The investor-focused event provides a due diligence platform for international and South American pension funds, foundations, endowments, fund of funds, family offices, wealth managers, consultants, and sovereign wealth funds interested in direct research on private investment opportunities.

Session topics cover the entire spectrum of private equity investments, from sector-specific sessions on venture capital investments in Brazil and Latin America, to discussions on global buyout opportunities, and roundtables of the biggest global Latin American institutional investors discussing their specific investment appetites.






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Key Discussion Topics

Private Market Investing in Latin America

The investors around the world are having to deal with a host of issues, including inflation, geopolitical conflicts, and the potential for a recession. In this panel, a group of leading fund managers discusses the challenges their firms are facing and the opportunities that lie ahead. They’ll also give their view on which geographic regions may or may not make sense.

Latin American Middle Market & Growth Investments 

In this crowded private market, where high valuations are slowing the investment pace, GPs have been forced to be more creative in finding value. Increasingly, middle market firms are seeking more growth equity investment opportunities rather than traditional leveraged buyouts and GPs are seeking more control in minority investments. The middle market investors class also offers a range of opportunities in the retail and consumer sectors. How can managers align their strategies to optimize returns? 

Value Creation Via Human Capital - How Leading Funds are Modifying Portfolio Companies

Beyond funding, how are leading managers working to create value in their portfolio companies? How can partners identify opportunities to boost innovation, productivity, and the bottom line? How has the landscape for value creation changed in the current economic uncertainties and how that will impact willingness to make loans and the impact on current loans? While some growth strategies may include rollup/consolidation plays or acquisitions, hiring outside consultants to identify new executive managers may produce the best results. Panelists discuss how human capital plays an essential role in the value creation process.

Investing in Latin America — Energy & Impact Sector Focus

As climate circumstances and international affairs disrupt traditional oil and gas markets, which regions present the best path forward? Renewable energy continues to grow in the world, and its consider one of the solutions to combat global warming, including solar and wind leading the way in capacity growth. Experts discuss the most promising and challenging outlooks on energy investing and how Latin America can surf the global wave. 

Market Innovation – The “Sleeping Giant” Called Latin America

Latin America proves to be a unique market with enormous potential for innovation. Which sectors are being transformed within the region, and which sectors are still lagging behind? Where does the region lead, and where are other markets advancing ahead? With specific opportunity in renewable sources, along with legislative and regulatory advances on the electricity sector, how can Latin America become the leader in climate innovation for investors and managers alike?

Global Investments in Latin America & Emerging Markets 

A conversation with leading global LPs allocating to emerging market private equity funds and covering key investment and monitoring themes influencing private market investments ranging from regulation reform, geopolitical concerns, co-investments, direct investments, developing a private equity team, valuations, ESG, and fund types from buyout to venture, private debt and real assets. 

Corporate Venture Capital

Established companies investing in Venture Capital is an alternative to get in touch with what is most innovative in the market, in addition to diversifying the source of income. Understanding the growth trends and how investors will benefit from them.

Opportunities & Challenges Facing Private Equity in Latin America & the World

The pandemic hit harshly most Latin American countries, especially given underlying structural, political and economic factors that exacerbated the crisis’s impact. Following the acute phase of the pandemic, the world and the region are dealing with inflation, a war in Europe and potential for a recession in different regions of the globe.  How are leading fund managers taking the offensive amidst these difficult times? Additionally, how are they working alongside existing portfolio companies to navigate through the headwinds? 


Event Registration - Managers & Service Providers 5000 USD 12/09/24


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