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The 6th Annual Pacific Northwest Institutional Forum is the region's leading conference for pension funds, insurance companies, foundations & endowments, hospital plans sovereign wealth funds and consultants from throughout the region. The forum’s content is developed through hundreds of one-on-one meetings with the institutional investment community and the program's speaker faculty is primarily comprised of leaders in the sector across Idaho, Oregon and Seattle.

Our agenda covers asset allocation and protection, equity markets, fixed income, alternative investments, as well as succession planning and an outlook of the financial markets and the global economy. This event is completely closed-door and invitation-only, and it is designed to enable genuine peer-to-peer learning and networking for the regional private wealth community.

We're committed to the health and safety of all of our attendees.  At each of our events the following COVID-19 related protocols will be in place to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all guests:

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Key Discussion Topics

Climate Integration into Quantitative Investment Strategies
According to a large-scale survey conducted by Robeco in 2021, 86% of professional retail and institutional investors indicate that climate change will be a significant factor over the next two years. However, incorporating climate risks into investment strategies is challenging for investors as they strive to implement a carbon-neutral outcome while balancing the need to meet their financial objectives.

Practical Steps Towards ESG Integration 
The ESG discussion is evolving rapidly for fiduciary investors, as are the techniques for incorporating ESG analytics and factors into the portfolio construction process. 

Global Equities: Fundamentals will Dominate 
Volatility in markets was something we got used to in 2021 and 2022 has started the same way as investors worry about rising inflation, hikes in interest rates and more Coronavirus variants.

Emerging Market: Evolution Following COVID-19
Before the novel coronavirus could spread to the developing world, the historic March 15 3,000-point loss on the Dow Jones Industrial Average had started a domino effect in Argentina, Brazil, India and South Africa, initiating a financial crisis in each nation to compound the impending humanitarian disaster. 

Multi-Asset Credit: Income and Capital Gain in a COVID-19 World
Following Global government responses to Covid-19, with varying degrees of personal lockdown and economic shutdown, Credit markets faced a near perfect storm, with indiscriminate selling pressure from daily liquidity and passive funds exacerbated by the reduced ability of banks to act as a liquidity buffer. 

Systematic Macro in a World of Uncertainty
We are currently facing unprecedented times where the markets are challenged by inflation, low interest rates, and extended equity valuations.

What Path to Take in China?
As China’s weight within key global equity indices increases and as financial markets there mature and become more accessible, US institutional investors face a dilemma.

Fixed Income: Why It Still Matters 
For a global asset class totaling more than $100 trillion, fixed income is a capital market asset class which is often disrespected. The historic equity market surge of 2010-2019 overshadowed solid bond performance. 

Emerging Markets: How Do Markets Capture the Pace of Change and Innovation?
Are we witnessing faster and more exciting change in EM (vs developed markets), and would this warrant a permanent change to the valuation of companies in these markets?

Leadership Roundtable – Navigating the Aftermath of COVID-19  
Being an institutional investor has never been a cakewalk. But the stress, as well as complex risk profile of each person’s investment role, have both turned monumental in the wake of COVID-19.  


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