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The 5th Annual Pacific Northwest Institutional Forum is an educational initiative designed through close coordination with the region’s leading institutional investors to build peer communities that merge global best practices with local expertise. The forum is designed to bring together fund leadership teams, investment officers, board members, trustees, and their consultants representing the Pacific Northwest institutional investment community.

The forum's agenda was developed through extensive local travel and feedback from the institutional investor community representing institutional asset owners across public and corporate pension plans, endowments, foundations, insurance portfolios, healthcare plans, and investment consultants.





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Key Discussion Topics

Gold as a Strategic Tool to Address the Challenges Investors Face 
Investment demand for gold has grown 18% per year, on average, since 2001. Today, in an environment of increasing market volatility and geopolitical risks, gold is more relevant than ever for institutional investors seeking returns, low correlations, liquidity, and diversification opportunities.

Fixed Income: It’s Important to View the Market Globally  
For a global asset class totaling more than $100 trillion, fixed income is a capital market instrument often neglected.  The historic stock surge of 2010-2019 overshadowed solid but unspectacular bond performance.ntation

Agribusiness Investing: Exploring Developed and Emerging Markets, Across the Food Value Chain and Capital Structure 
The global food/ag value chain is undergoing significant change driven by a number of major themes.

Investing in Today's Global Equity Markets  
The decade following the global financial crisis capped not just the longest-running—but the most remarkable—bull market ever recorded.  

Evolution of Emerging Market Equities 
Over the course of the past two decades, investment in emerging market equities has been polarizing. 

Factor Investing is Fundamental Investing
The rise of factor investing in recent years has been fueled by investors’ desire for transparent, straightforward and low-cost investment solutions. Successful factor strategies can, and should, tick all of these boxes. But they should not stop there. 

ESG Now and Then: Recent Trends in ESG Implementation  
The ESG discussion is evolving rapidly, as are techniques for incorporating ESG analytics and factors into the portfolio construction process. 

Diversify the Diversifier: Building an All Season Real Assets Portfolio 
Ownership of commercial real estate and privatized infrastructure is ubiquitous to institutional asset allocation, offering long-term, stable return, uncorrelated to public market performance. 

How Multi Strategy Portfolios Can Deliver on the Original Promise of Institutional Hedge Fund Programs
“Equity-like return with bond-like risk” was one of the taglines used to market hedge fund strategies in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In hindsight, that promise was too good to be true given disappointing results for most hedge fund categories over the last 10 years. 

Managed Futures: The End of Trend?
Interest in Managed Futures grew steadily during the years following the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. However, managed futures strategies that leverage a trend-following approach have struggled over the past few years to deliver returns.

A Conversation with the Region’s Leading Chief Investment Officers
Being the chief investment officer of a pension has never been a cake-walk.  But the stress and complex risk profile of the CIO role have both turned monumental in the wake of COVID-19.  


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