8th Annual Mid-Atlantic Institutional Forum Washington, D.C. | May 14, 2020 Request Agenda

The 8th Annual Mid-Atlantic Institutional Forum is a local peer to peer educational meeting exclusively for Mid-Atlantic's institutional investor community.

The forum's agenda was developed through extensive local travel and feedback from the institutional investor community including executive directors, chief investment officers, senior finance and investment staff, general counsels and trustees representing institutional asset owners across public and corporate pension plans, endowments, foundations, insurance portfolios, healthcare plans, and investment consultants.

In a closed-door and non-salesy environment the forum provides a platform for peer to peer knowledge exchange for the local institutional investor community. Our content is constantly updated to reflect the latest in investments, plan management, and fiduciary responsibilities.


Please note only corporate email addresses will be accepted only. If you have any questions or problems registering, please contact us.

Key Discussion Topics

·       Investing in Renewable Energy

·       The Limits of Theory

·       Macro Outlook and Global Asset Allocation

·       Emerging Markets: Relevancy and Value in Today's Markets

·       Are the Benefits of Multi-Factor Investing Still There?

·       Middle Market Direct Lending: Late-Cycle Risks and Opportunities Management

·       Real Estate - Finding Opportunities in Today and Tomorrow’s Global Real Estate Market

·       ESG Now and Then: Recent Trends in ESG Implementation

·       Commodities in Your Alternative Bucket

·       Passive vs. Active Management Opportunities 


INVESTORS: Complimentary Registration for all qualified investors. Email IR@marketsgroup.org for more information on obtaining a complimentary ticket.

MANAGERS & SERVICE PROVIDERS: Rates below reflect the current price for all asset managers and service providers.


Sponsorship is only available upon invitation and Markets Group reserves the right to refuse sponsorship from any organization or individual deemed by Markets Group to be incompatible with the event. Markets Group forum sessions are closed to all media/press and video/audio recording is explicitly prohibited within the venue.


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