4th Latin America & the Caribbean Institutional Forum Mexico City, Mexico | June 19, 2018 Request Agenda

The Latin America & the Caribbean Institutional Forum is a pan-regional meeting focused on and designed alongside leading institutional investors in Latin America including central banks, pension funds, insurance companies, investment consultants and sovereign reserves. The one day meeting will demystify the low yield environment and establish best practices in selection of external asset managers.

The forum provides direct and unique access to an increasingly sophisticated allocation and regulation community eager to gain education from external and local experts.


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Key Discussion Topics

Through a series of interactive discussions and presentations we will provide a fresh perspective on the following:

Central Banks
How are the region’s Central Banks influencing markets and stabilizing reserves through allocations to Fixed Income Instruments?

Local Institutions
Fixed Income has been a traditional safe haven for Latin American institutional investors – which markets offer the safest returns and how does fixed income fit in a sophisticated asset allocation strategy?

Risk Management
How do we manage the downside?

What tools are out there to mitigate risk?
With the U.S. expected to raise interest rates in 2018, what will be the effects of Fixed Income allocations throughout the region?


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Four Seasons
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Mexico City
Mexico 06600


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