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The 8th Annual Real Estate South Forum is a local peer-to-peer educational meeting exclusively for the institutional and HNW wealth management community with a specific focus on allocations to real estate.

This closed-door one-day forum will bring together public and corporate pension plans, endowments, foundations, insurance portfolios, healthcare plans, investment consultants, family offices, HNW wealth managers, and private banks.






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Key Discussion Topics

What’s Next for Texas (and the Rest of the Sunbelt)

The sunbelt experienced an influx of renters and buyers over the last several years as west coast and northeastern residents sought more affordable housing options. Will the sunbelt continue to see growth in 2024? What real estate sectors are offering greater returns? What are industry experts’ expectations for the future of Texas and the surrounding regions? The day will commence with a scene-setting discussion covering what trends are emerging in the south as well as noteworthy headwinds and tailwinds that are affecting real estate portfolios.


Doubling Down on Debt

How are real estate managers approaching debt in the current economy? Are distressed assets providing the desired returns? What loan structures would you recommend for new investors looking to enter the space? Are mezzanine loans, subordinated secured debt or B-notes, or CRE first mortgages delivering the most meaningful returns? How can real estate investors maximize their exposure to private debt?


The Next Generation of Industrial

As the rise of ecommerce has ballooned the industrial sector over the last four years, we look ahead to the next chapter of industrial. Our panel of industry experts will spearhead a discussion on the future of industrial. What technological innovations are infiltrating the space? What will new construction warehouses look like in 2025? How can you affectively incorporate industrial into your real estate portfolios as the sector evolves. What returns do you anticipate to see from industrial in the coming years?


Real Estate Meets Responsible Investing

How are real estate managers and investors approaching the topic of responsible investing in the south? What ESG factors are shaping the way you conduct due diligence? How is responsible investing playing into your risk assessments? Do you see ESG affect certain real estate asset classes more than others? If so, which ones? This critical conversation will address how real estate managers and allocators are (or should be) viewing the conversation around ESG, and what actionable measures are being taken today.


Is Opportunistic Too Opportunistic?

As the U.S. economy ebbs and flows, investors reevaluate their portfolio composition as it relates to risk. Within the real estate sector, this means deciding between opportunistic, value-add, core, or core plus opportunities. How is your approach shifting from 2023 to 2024? Why? What are the primary macroeconomic factors that are leading you to your strategic allocations? What would you recommend for investors who are new to the real estate sector?


Deep Dive on Niche Strategies

What is driving real estate investors’ appetite for niche asset classes? What is new with data centers? How are storage facilities performing? What does the demand for senior housing, student housing, and manufactured housing look like in Texas? Are medical office buildings performing? What are your expectations for life sciences? How are these niche in-vestment strategies performing in the sunbelt region compared to other regions nationally?


Maximizing Your Exposure to Multifamily

Multifamily is booming; this we know. What can real estate investors do to position themselves for success in this sector? How are microeconomies within the sunbelt comparing to other regions within the U.S.? Are technological innovations in multifamily affecting your investment strategies and partnerships? What can allocators expect for multifamily in the coming months? What are the biggest trends in the housing market today?


The Private Wealth Playbook

What are private wealth investors doing differently in Texas? How are RIAs and family offices approaching the real estate sector in the sunbelt? What are you seeing as the average private wealth allocator’s appetite for real estate investments? How are you leveraging tax advantages? What unique opportunities do you have in the real estate space? Where do you see allocations flowing in the coming months? Our line up of private wealth executives will give us a sneak peek into their real estate playbook.

Best in Class Residential Investing

What housing trends are you seeing in the south? How are mortgage rates impacting the local residential sector? What economic factors are contributing to changes in residential real estate? What does investor appetite for residential real estate look like today? Are you approaching the investment selection process differently in 2024? What are the most prominent hurdles to be wary of when entering the space? How can they be overcome? Where do you see the greatest amount of upside potential?


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