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The 4th Annual Real Estate Europe Forum is a local peer education-focused event exclusively for the European investor community to benchmark and learn about institutional and private wealth real estate allocation strategies. This closed-door one-day forum will bring together public and corporate pension plans, endowments, foundations, insurance portfolios, healthcare plans, investment consultants, family offices, HNW wealth managers, and private banks.







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Key Discussion Topics

Economic Outlook – Global Real Estate Overview

This dynamic discussion will set the stage for an engaging day of compelling real estate content and thought leadership. What macroeconomic factors are shaping real estate markets globally? There are great discrepancies between the economic states of certain European regions. How are European markets comparing to international markets and to each other?


The UK's Real Estate Markets

2022 posed significant challenges to the UK’s financial markets. Geopolitical events led to spiking energy prices, inflation continued to grow, and the nation saw two monarchs and three prime ministers revolve in quick succession. Amid a slowing economy, how are allocators finding opportunities? In this panel discussion, our line-up of seasoned professionals will share their perspective on real estate in the UK including successes and failures, concerns for 2024, and how allocators can strategically utilise real estate to yield returns in their portfolios.


The Great Debate on Retail, Office, and Hospitality

In this critical debate, our speakers will grapple with their thoughts on European commercial real estate markets. Which sectors within commercial real estate are allocators favouring? Where are allocators shying away? How is retail performing? Are you seeing demand for office space? What is the state of the hospitality industry? Are hotels offering new opportunities for allocators to diversify their portfolios?


Niche Investment Strategies

Special-purpose properties have grown increasingly popular in diversifying successful real estate portfolios. Among these niche strategies are life science buildings, student housing, self-storage facilities, datacentres, film & television production studios, senior housing, manufactured housing, cold storage, medical office buildings, amusement parks, sports stadiums, and more. What unique benefits and challenges to niche strategies offer to investors?

Benchmarking Appetite for Risk

Investors often debate the risks and rewards of value-add and opportunistic investments versus core and core plus properties. How are you measuring the expected return and risk when diving into the investment selection processes? In this discussion, industry leaders will share their perspective on which type of investment opportunity is currently most favourable.Where will opportunities arise in the coming 12-24 months?


Residential Real Estate Forecast

As a historically low unemployment rate rises and job vacancies decrease, the public faces inflationary conditions last seen in the 1980s. Interest rates are expected to fall towards the end of 2023 leaving opportunities for investors and potential homeowners alike. Which European regions are experiencing the highest demand for residential growth? What should investors seek, avoid, and keep top of mind as they approach this sector? This panel discussion will focus on maximizing your exposure in residential real estate.

Resilience in Real Estate Debt

While equity transaction volume is forecasted to fall, the debt market proves resilient in 2023. Investors who are planning to refinance in 2024 will need to mind lower asset values and higher debt costs as they embed debt into their portfolios. In this discussion, our panellists will share their expert perspectives on why investors should allocate to real estate debt. What is the value of investing in debt versus equity given the current state of the European economies?


Investing in Industrial

Across the globe, industrial real estate continues to see success as manufacturing, warehouses, flex space, research and data centres, and showroom buildings boom. With ecommerce driving distribution, logistics, and warehouse demand, investors continue to expand their presence in the sector. Are there obstacles for allocators to consider specific to industrial? When will it be time to divest? What will the next chapter of industrial hold?


Real Estate for Family Offices

How are European family offices and wealth advisors approaching the real estate sector differently than institutional investors? What unique challenges and opportunities do private wealth allocators face? What considerations do family offices need to make when investing in the real estate space? What is the average risk appetite of private wealth investors in this space? What trends are top of mind, and which asset classes are increasing in popularity? Are family offices in the U.K. approaching real estate differently than others in Europe?

Going Green – ESG’s Critical Role in real Estate

ESG, responsible investments, and impact investing have been top of mind for European investors for years. As we look ahead to 2024, how is the role of ESG changing? How are allocators measuring the success of green investments? What can managers do to push the industry forward? Which sectors of the real estate space are offering more lucrative returns when it comes to ESG? What do you expect for the next wave of ESG opportunities in both residential and commercial real estate?


Transaction Trends within European Real Estate Markets

Globally, over the last few years, real estate investors have witnessed a shift in deal structures and methods of conducting transactions. In 2024, how will investors and managers be framing investment projects differently than in 2023? What are best in class transaction trends emerging across the industry? Are European markets seeing unique trends in this space? How can investors and managers ensure a successful execution of their transactions? What external factors are impacting this process?


Future of European Real Estate

Industry leaders share expert insights into the future of the real estate industry. As we approach the end of 2023, how can investors leverage real estate opportunities? Which markets will see capital inflows, and which will wither? What will the next 12-14 months bring for real estate? How will Europe compare to international markets?


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