Wisconsin State Investment Board Brings Aboard New Head of Public Equities

By David G. Barry

The State of Wisconsin  Investment Board (SWIB) has a new head of public equities.

Susan Schmidt is joining from Avia Investors, where she has led the U.S. equities portfolio management team for the past four years. Previously, she was a senior portfolio manager with Westwood Holdings Group and head of U.S. equities for Mesirow Financial.

The SWIB division that Schmidt is a part of – Global Public Market Strategies – was overseen until earlier this year by Brian Hellmer. Vicki Hearing, a SWIB communications manager, said Hellmer’s position has not been filled.

SWIB, which is fully funded, oversaw $165.6 billion in total assets as of Dec. 31, of which $147 billion are in Wisconsin Retirement System trust funds. SWIB also invests the State Investment Fund, the University of Wisconsin System Trust Funds, Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund, State Life Insurance Fund, and Historical Society Trust Fund.