Virgilio “Bo” Abesamis Gives Advice on Technology, Due Diligence and Onboarding Board Members

A chief investment officer of a public company told us recently that one of her favorite consultants in the industry is Virgilio “Bo” Abesamis III, of Callan, for his vast experience and wisdom. And so, with some of her suggested questions in hand, we reached out to Callan for an interview with him. Over the course of the interview, we will explore due diligence, technologies, board onboarding, and ask him the things chief investment officers should most be paying attention to.

Abesamis has been with Callan since 1987, and is an executive vice president, shareholder, and the manager of Callan’s Implementation Solutions group. He is spearheading the research around digitization and total cost analyses and also specializes in operational due diligence in the areas of safekeeping, asset servicing, trade processing, and portfolio restructuring, including securities finance, according to the consultant firm’s website. His other areas of responsibility include passive and index portfolio, and short-term cash management manager due diligence in support of Callan’s Global Manager Research group.

His experience is quite vast within the firm, starting from when, in 1987 he assisted in the development of Callan’s performance measurement tools, then moved to the Capital Markets Research group with responsibilities involving asset/liability modeling, manager structure, benchmark and database reviews, style analysis, and research. He also worked on the analytics involving non-traditional asset classes, namely international, alternative investments, and real estate among other things.

Abesamis holds an MBA with a double major in finance and international business from the University of San Francisco, and a BS in accounting and finance from Ateneo de Manila, Philippines.