MMBB Financial Services’ CIO Departs to Teach

By David G. Barry

Noradeen Farlekas has left her role as chief investment officer of MMBB Financial Services to return to academia.

Farlekas is now a full-time assistant professor at Fairfield University in Connecticut. She joined MMBB – a $3 billion retirement system for Christian ministry workers – in 2019 after serving as an adjunct professor at Fairfield and a lecturer at Northeastern University in Boston.

An MMBB spokesperson did not immediately return a message on its plans to find a new CIO. Farlekas also did not immediately respond to a request seeking comment.

Prior to joining the academic world the first time, Farlekas spent 20 years at IBM, where until 2016, she was head of global equities and vice president of its board. At MMBB, she replaced Candace Cox, who retired after 11 years as CIO. Cox previously had overseen the pension funds for Bell Atlantic (now Verizon) Asset Management and the New York City Comptroller’s Office.