Exclusive Interview: Linda Trusler of Legalsuper

This 4-minute interview will explore female representation in the finance industry and how women are supported in the industry through superannuation policy-making and training.

Linda Trusler, Head of Investment Strategy for Legalsuper, the $5 billion Australian superannuation fund dedicated to the legal community, has a strong background spanning two decades within both global and Australian equity, directly managing large and small cap portfolios.  Her career also involved investing in start-up venture capital funds, investment consulting, and managing multi-asset portfolios including equity, fixed income, property, alternatives and private equity. She is a Board member and Secretary of the CFA Society of Melbourne, a member of the Policy Committee for Women in Super, a member of the Senior Investing Peer Advisory Group for 100 Women in Finance (100WF), and an Investment Committee Director for International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA). Trusler contributes to the finance industry in a mentorship capacity, through university partnerships, and is a lecturer for the CFA post-grad finance curriculum.

Interview by Olivia Ho