A-Rod is Poached

Antonio Rodriguez was recently poached by Building Service 32BJ Funds to become director of investments. He was recently director of investment strategy for the NYC Board of Education Retirement System. Insiders say the Building Service fund created a new role for Rodriguez who is known for his skill as an investor and diplomatic thought leader.

While at NYC BERS for the past five years, Rodriguez created and led its first independent investment manager selections and implemented its portfolio analytics platforms. He also oversaw BERS’ first asset-liability study.

He joined NYC BERS after spending four years as the Senior Pensions and Investments Officer for the NYC Mayor's Office of Pensions and Investments from 2014 through 2018, where he was designated trustee for the Finance Commissioner and alternate trustee for the NYC Mayor on pension fund boards. There, Rodriguez also created and hosted the Public Pension Trustees Fiduciary Conference.