AP Pension Hires Pernille Jessen as Investment Director

Pernille Jessen will join AP Pension as their new investment director starting on January 1, 2024. Jessen comes from a position as co-investment director at AkademikerPension and has previously worked at Danmarks Nationalbank.

Bo Normann Rasmussen, the Managing Director of AP Pension, expresses a warm welcome to the newly appointed Investment Director and looks forward to the collaboration. He added, "We have a well-functioning and stable investment team, which has proven time and time again that it is capable of creating good, long-term returns for customers. That is why we have taken our time to find the right candidate for the post, and I am convinced that we now have that."

Pernille Jessen is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to meet her new colleagues and assume the responsibilities of the role of investment director.

"AP Pension has a clear profile within sustainability and green transition and ambitions to further strengthen its approach. I believe that focus is absolutely crucial for a long-term investor - But it is equally important to maintain focus on delivering competitive returns. AP Pension has shown with a sure hand that it is fully possible to deliver that combination. My task will therefore not be to revolutionize but to ensure continued development by building on the strong foundation that the investment team already stands on," says Pernille Jessen.

Sustainability and responsible investments have been integral aspects of Pernille Jessen's career, and she acknowledges the longstanding commitment to these principles at her new workplace. AP Pension holds a tradition of being at the forefront in this regard, as the first commercial pension company in Denmark to introduce an investment line centered around responsible and sustainable development. This initiative took place in the summer of 2019 with the launch of AP Bæredygtig, aligning investments with the UN's 17 global goals.

Source: AP Pension