KPMG International Appoints David Rowlands as Global Head of AI

Global CEOs are placing significant emphasis on generative AI, with 70 percent investing significantly in it as a key competitive advantage for the future, according to KPMG's 2023 CEO Outlook. In alignment with this strategic focus and its commitment to developing and implementing cutting-edge AI solutions, KPMG International has named David Rowlands as Global Head of AI. The company has further introduced a comprehensive global framework, the KPMG Trusted AI, delineating principles for the responsible and ethical transformation of AI.

In his newly established position, David Rowlands will play a crucial role in advancing and executing KPMG's AI strategy, focusing on the application of emerging AI technologies to enhance client interactions and employee experiences in a responsible, trustworthy, and secure manner. This involves providing KPMG professionals with cutting-edge AI tools, creating AI solutions for clients, and establishing a global AI immersion program to ensure that KPMG teams can effectively harness the benefits of AI. David, formerly the Head of Consulting for KPMG in the UK, with a seat on the UK Executive Committee and the Global Advisory Steering Group, brings a robust track record in delivering technology-enabled transformations to clients globally.

Alongside the appointment of David Rowlands, KPMG has introduced its KPMG Trusted AI approach, which is founded on ten key pillars encompassing fairness, transparency, explainability, accountability, data integrity, reliability, security, safety, privacy, and sustainability. This comprehensive guide serves as KPMG's strategic framework to facilitate the responsible and ethical design, development, deployment, and utilization of AI technology solutions. The approach aims to accelerate value creation while making a positive impact for clients, individuals, and communities.

Source: KPMG