Ex-Prudential Executive Joins Apollon

By Chris Glynn


Eric Sterner has left Prudential Financial to become chief investment officer of $2.5 billion Apollon Wealth Management.


The registered investment advisor, headquartered in Charleston, S.C., is “fast growing,” Sterner remarked, adding Apollon Wealth Management –numbering 55 staff in-house –should add investment office and investment professional personnel in the near-term.


“But for now,” Sterner, based in Bridgewater, N.J., noted he is “working to get the lay of the land” as far as understanding the overall operation of the RIA.    


A chartered financial analyst and chartered alternative investment analyst, Sterner noted Apollon Wealth Management is outsourcing its investment office to Fiducient Advisors (formed in March 2021 with the merger of Fiduciary Investment Advisors and DiMeo Schneider & Associates).


He went on to explain he will work with Fiducient Advisors on asset allocation as well as fund monitoring and research selection. Sterner will report to Michael Dolberg, the chief executive officer and founder of Apollon Wealth Management.  


In June 2019, Apollon Wealth Management partnered with private partnership firm Merchant Investment Management, a private capital provider, Sterner said.


Prior to joining Apollon Wealth Management, Sterner led the strategic investment management group of Prudential Group Investment Management as vice president of portfolio construction in charge of a $65 billion multi-asset class.


Prior to joining Prudential Financial in September 2017, he had worked for SSGA and MetLife