Integrated Partners Names Investment Leader for Family Office

By Chris Glynn


Registered investment advisor Integrated Partners has named a leader of its newly rolled out family office platform.


Stephen Kolano will serve as managing director, investments, for Integrated Family Office, according to Integrated Partners. He as well as Integrated Partners are based in Boston.


Kolano, a chartered financial analyst, joined $11 billion BNY Mellon Investment Management in 2010, recently becoming chief investment officer of its RIA BNY Mellon Investor Solutions, launched in 2020.


Integrated Partners has been “excited” about the clientele who have “been signing up and showing interest” in the family office platform, which opened in mid-July, according to Allie Zendrian, vice president for third-party media agency StreetCred PR.


Integrated Partners will offer its family office platform “for a fee,” which will be determined on a case-to-case basis, Zendrian explained. She noted the fee structure will include investment management as well as “support and advice” for family dynamic planning, estate planning and family governance. She declined to name who has contracted Integrated Family Office.


For his daily Integrated Family Office schedule, Kolano will handle portfolio construction and implementation, not limited to, traditional asset management, alternative investing  as well as illiquid asset management.   


Kolano is a Wall Street veteran who has “multi-asset experience,” according to Zendrian. He has worked as equity analyst and traded for J.P. Morgan Chase & Company and The Boston Company Asset Management before joining BNY Mellon.