LPL Alum Detrick is Now with RIA Carson

By Chris Glynn


Nearly a month after he split LPL Financial, Ryan Detrick has reemerged as prime marketing mover for Carson Group Partners, joining his former chief investment officer Burt White.


Detrick, a chief market technician, will take over as chief market strategist for Carson Group, a $20 billion registered investment advisor in Omaha, Neb. He announced his decision to leave LPL Financial in a June LinkedIn post and reemerged with another LinkedIn post on July 25.


His colleague White, who had worked as CIO of LPL Financial with Detrick, is currently managing partner as well as chief strategy officer with Carson Group.


Detrick is a widely quoted CMS in the national broadcast media and had been recruited into the investment research department via White for LPL Financial, which he joined in 2016. He worked under CIO John Lynch, who went on to be CIO for Comerica Wealth Management in May 2020.


Prior to joining San Diego-headquartered LPL Financial, Detrick served as strategist and portfolio manager for Schaffer’s Investment Research and Haberer Registered Investment Advisor—both in Cincinnati. He has also been a contributing writer for Yahoo Finance.


For Carson Group, he will be responsible for advancing the investment research team, producing market commentary and increasing marketing, according to a company announcement.