Exclusive Interviews from the Sidelines: 12th Private Equity New York

We captured exclusive interviews on the sidelines of the event, covering a diverse range of topics. Discussions included the explosive growth in the secondaries market, the transformative role of AI and digital disruption, innovative strategies in private credit, and the evolving landscape of private equity taxation.

Additionally, experts shared insights on tax insurance solutions for M&A transactions, the critical importance of monetizing real estate assets, and the outlook for middle-market investments amidst potential interest rate changes.

Click the links below to watch the interviews and gain valuable perspectives from the event:

  • Rich Lawson, CEO of HGGC, discussed his goals for our 12th Private Equity Event, highlighting the importance of networking, exchanging best practices, and continuous learning in private equity.
  • Vincent Polce of CBRE highlighted the growing importance of monetizing owned real estate, emphasizing the compelling value proposition given current cap rates.

While you're here, don't forget to check out all the event photos: