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The 7th Private Equity San Francisco Forum is the leading West Coast investor-centric event for LPs investing in private markets.

The forum brings together investors, fund managers, and advisers for a two-day meeting to discuss sectors, due diligence, and private equity investment opportunities in the US and around the world.

The investor-focused forum will bring together US and international pension funds, foundations, endowments, fund of funds, family offices, wealth managers, consultants, and sovereign wealth funds interested in direct research on private investment opportunities.

Session topics cover the entire spectrum of private equity investments, from sector-specific sessions to discussions on global buyout opportunities and roundtables of leading global institutional investors discussing their specific investment appetites.



David Breach , President, Chief Operating Officer, Vista Equity Partners

David Breach is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Vista Equity Partners. Vista currently has more than $100 billion in assets under management and oversees a portfolio of over 85 enterprise software, data and technology-enabled companies. Mr. Breach oversees the governance of the firm, advises on investment strategies and directs strategic growth initiatives, among other responsibilities. He is a member of Vista’s Executive Committee and serves on the boards of several portfolio companies, including EagleView, Jamf (NASDAQ: JAMF), Solera and Stats Perform. Earlier in his career, Mr. Breach was a Senior Partner at Kirkland & Ellis. He holds a J.D. from the University of Michigan.

Pam Hendrickson, Vice Chairman, The Riverside Company

In 2006 Pam joined Riverside, a global multi strategy private equity firm, where she currently serves as Vice Chairman and sits on the Riverside Investment Council.  She is also Chair of the Board of the American Investment Council, a member of AON’s M&A advisory board, a member of the board of Accordion Technologies, a member of the board of Applied Biological Laboratories and is a Trustee of the National Humanities Center, where she chairs the audit committee. Prior to joining Riverside, she served for 22 years at JP Morgan Chase with senior roles in both the Real Estate Division and the Private Bank.

John Toomey, Co-Chief Executive Officer, HarbourVest Partners

Mr. Toomey is one of two members of the Firm’s Executive Management Committee, which serves as HarbourVest’s CEO; and is also a member of the Portfolio Construction Committee. He first joined the Firm in 1997, as a member of the direct investment team. He rejoined HarbourVest in 2001 after business school, and has focused on secondary investments since 2003. John was involved with the 2007 initial public offering of HarbourVest Private Equity Limited (HVPE) on Euronext Amsterdam and served as Chief Financial Officer from the IPO through September 2008. John received a BA (cum laude) in Chemistry and Physics from Harvard University in 1995 and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 2001, where he was awarded the Loeb Fellowship for outstanding achievement in finance.

Jai Das, President, Partner and Co-Founder, Sapphire Ventures

Mr. Das is President, Partner and Co-Founder at Sapphire Ventures. He invests in startups that he believes are developing ground-breaking products and are on their way to becoming Companies of Consequence. He has more than 15 years of investment experience and has helped multiple companies innovate their product and marketing strategies in order to become market leaders. 13 of his investments have IPO’ed while 17 have been acquired. He is often sought out by media including publications such as Insider, Bloomberg and TechCrunch for his expert commentary around enterprise tech trends, the burgeoning crypto and blockchain ecosystem, navigating shifting market conditions and more. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, having most recently spoken on the topic of crypto at SuperVenture in Europe. 

Hasan Askari, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, K1 Investment Management

Hasan Askari is a Managing Partner at K1 Investment Management. He is responsible for leading the Firm’s Sourcing function, is an active board member for K1’s portfolio companies, and advisor to K1’s management teams. Mr. Askari currently sits on the board of ControlUp, Digital Pharmacist, Emburse, RFPIO, Skuid, and Smarsh. Mr. Askari is a graduate of the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, where he received a BS in Business Administration. Mr. Askari serves on the Board of Directors of UgandaProject, a grassroots non-profit focused on supporting orphans in Uganda and is a member of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). Previously, he was a member of the Board of Governors for the University of Southern California’s Alumni Association.






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Key Discussion Topics

Portfolio Optimization & Value Creation—Tools & Strategies Leading Funds Use to Support Growth & Reduce Costs 

How are private equity firms navigating their portfolio companies through the continuing headwinds caused by economic conditions and the stock market slide. What strategies are GPs utilizing to preserve liquidity, reduce costs, create value, and drive EBITDA? How do partners and leading consultants identify opportunities to boost long term innovation and productivity in portfolio companies?

Technology & Cybersecurity in Private Equity 

As global geopolitical tensions rise, how are alternative asset firms managing technology and cybersecurity risks? Additionally, how are firms utilizing and leveraging technology to hedge against vulnerabilities while improving transparency? Fund Managers discuss rising cybersecurity challenges and best approaches to solve and reduce vulnerabilities within their funds and across portfolio companies. How can portfolio companies transform digitally and benefit from this techno-logical disruption and digital transformation?

A Spotlight on ESG Management Navigating Growing Expectations 

The importance of ESG continues to grow within the entire PE industry. As more companies are bringing ESG to the forefront of their due diligence and evaluation processes, what are the strategies in moving forward? How are GPs responding to LPs ESG agendas in private equity? How are GPs making a difference and driving profits? Experts discuss how to best understand the relationship between corporate sustainability practices and company financial performance.

Private Credit—Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities 

An allocation to credit can offer higher risk adjusted returns, boost diversification, and provide new income streams. In 2023, we saw a clear shift in the market as a result of the continuous increases in interest rates, which resulted in private credit activity skyrocketing. Join leading fund manager as they discuss lender dynamics, deal terms, market competitive-ness and their outlook on the asset class throughout 2024.

LP Perspective on Global Private Equity Markets 

Over the past decade, private equity saw increased popularity and importance amongst institutional investors. However, rising inflation, geopolitical tensions and other market factors raise new concerns for LPs regarding risk and liquidity. Are LPs willing to increase their allocations to these long-term illiquid strategies? How have these recent market conditions affected their allocation preferences, fund structure considerations, or geography preferences?


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