7th Annual Central States Institutional Forum St. Louis | February 25, 2020 Request Agenda

The 7th Annual Central States Institutional Forum is an educational initiative designed through close coordination with the region’s leading institutional investors to build peer communities that merge global best practices with local expertise. The forum is designed to bring together 70+ fund leadership teams, investment officers, board members, trustees, and their consultants representing the Central States institutional investment community.

The forum's agenda was developed through extensive local travel and feedback from the institutional investor community representing institutional asset owners across public and corporate pension plans, endowments, foundations, insurance portfolios, healthcare plans, and investment consultants. 





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Key Discussion Topics

Macro Outlook & Strategic Asset Allocation

A low-growth, high-volatility environment gives more power to an argument for diversification among wide arrays of asset classes. The panelists will discuss how they are thinking (and what they are doing) regarding their strategic asset allocation and portfolio positioning.

ESG Implementation

Environmental, Social, and Governmental discussions continue to evolve rapidly, the panel explores how investors are assessing ESG’s longer-term strategies within their portfolios.


Global Equity Market Landscape

As other asset classes provide lower returns, but less volatile conditions, the greatest challenge is to find the best and safest ideas to invest.


Emerging Markets - Public and Private Investments

Emerging market countries remain drivers of global growth and are expected to deliver higher relative returns.


Building an All-Season Real Assets Portfolio

In the face of volatile equity markets and inadequate bond yields, the investment management industry is seeing a spike in investor interest towards real assets.


Private Markets

Expected returns in public markets have driven investors to continue to increase their allocations to private markets, especially private equity and real assets.

Multi-Factor Investing

Many commentators have concluded that the factor crowding phenomena could be eroding the returns associated with traditional long-term rewarded factors.


The Evolution of the Asset Backed Securities Market

Panelists will focus on the evolution of the ABS market and the emergence of new offerings over the past several years in response to the changing market environment since the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Chief Investment Officer Roundtable

Chief Investment Officers will focus on the key investment and management issues facing their funds.


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