8th Annual Real Estate Canada Forum Toronto | June 12, 2024 Request Agenda

The 8th Annual Real Estate Canada Forum is a local peer education-focused event exclusively for Canada’s investor community to benchmark and learn about institutional and private wealth real estate allocation strategies.


This closed door one-day forum will bring together public and corporate pension plans, endowments, foundations, insurance portfolios, healthcare plans, investment consultants, family offices, HNW wealth managers, and private banks.





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Key Discussion Topics

Keeping Up with The Canadians

Interest rate adjustments and economic conditions are impacting the real estate market across Canada. Which factors are creating headwinds? Do you foresee a balanced market as we look ahead to the second half of 2024? Which real estate asset classes are seeing the most growth? In which regions are you allocating? Are other countries’ economies impacting your investment strategies?

The Orbit Around Debt

What type of distressed assets are performing favorably? What kind of loan structures would you recommend incorporating into your investment strategy? Which structures would you actively avoid? Are you approaching debt differently in different real estate asset classes? As many portfolios today revolve around debt strategies, how do you foresee the orbit around debt evolving in the coming 12-24 months?

The Residential Ripple Effect

Canadian residential real estate markets are expected to grow more than 10 billion USD in the next five years. What trends are emerging in the residential sector? How is sustainability playing a role in the residential sector? Which regions of Canada are seeing inflows versus outflows? How do you expect this to change as we look ahead to 2025? How are office, storage, and hospitality being affected by shifts in residential markets? How are investors approaching affordable housing?

Niche Real Estate Strategies to Invest In (or Divest From)

How are niche real estate strategies performing in 2024? Are they pulling ahead of more traditional real estate strategies? Where are you finding success in sectors like life sciences, student housing, self-storage facilities, data centers, film & television production studios, senior housing, manufactured housing, and medical office buildings? How does the Canadian niche real estate supply and demand compare to other geographic markets? What in the next phase of these strategies look like for real estate investors?

Best in Class Risk 

How are Canadian real estate investors evaluating the risk of their real estate strategies within their investment portfolios? Are there any new due diligence methods that your team is utilizing to ensure appropriate lengths are taken? As you look ahead to the next 12-24 months, are you favoring opportunistic and value-add strategies, or is your team in favor of allocating to core and core plus strategies? Do different geographic markets change your approach to risk?


Dissecting Multifamily Housing

Is the hype surrounding multifamily warranted? What kind of returns are you seeing in the space? Will interest rates impact the trends that you are seeing in the multifamily sector? How can managers set themselves apart from other players? Which regions of Canada are seeing more interest in multifamily? Which technological advancements are contributing to your investment decisions? What is the next wave of technology in multifamily? 

The Industrial Complex

Industrial real estate continues to impress investors nationally. What can allocators do to maximize their exposure to industrial? What advice would you have for newcomers in the space? What economic factors are driving the industrial industry? How is the industry changing? What technological advancements are emerging in industrial properties? How is cold storage performing? What other sub-asset classes are top of mind for investors interested in the industrial real estate market?

A Closer Look at Private Wealth

Private wealth allocators have become critical changemakers in the real estate industry. What kind of investment strategies are wealth managers and family offices favoring in 2024? How has the private wealth landscape changed in the last year? How do you foresee the industry moving as we look ahead to 2025? What tax advantages are on the table for private wealth allocators? What does the risk appetite look like for the private wealth community?

How are Land and Infrastructure Shifting the Composition of the Real Estate Industry?

As timber and agriculture play a large role in the economic ecosystem of greater Toronto, how are these sectors indicative of real estate markets? How are infrastructure projects playing a part in the overall economic composition of the region? How are changes in timber, agriculture, and infrastructure impacting home valuations, retail, office, and hospitality prices, and industrial markets?



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