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The Private Equity Boston Forum is the leading East Coast investor-centric event for LPs investing in private markets.

The forum brings together investors, fund managers, and advisers for a two-day meeting to discuss sectors, due diligence, and private equity investment opportunities in The US and around the world.

The investor-focused event provides a due diligence forum for pension funds, foundations, endowments, funds of funds, family offices, wealth managers, consultants, and sovereign wealth funds interested in direct research on private investment opportunities.

Session topics cover the entire spectrum of private equity investments, from sector-specific sessions on venture capital to discussions on global buyout opportunities and roundtables of leading global institutional investors discussing their specific investment appetites.



Chris Gaffney, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Great Hill Partners

Chris Gaffney is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Great Hill Partners, where he is responsible for investment policy, investor relations and the general management of the firm. Chris is also a member of the firm’s executive and investment committees. Throughout the course of his over 37-year career in private equity, Chris has participated in investments covering a range of industries, including software, robotics and AI, information services, e-commerce, consumer and online services, financial technology, digital publishing, among others. Chris has served on over 50 boards from early-stage companies to publicly traded businesses with multiple investments grown from seed stage to unicorn status.




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Key Discussion Topics

Global Private Equity Investing


As the world turns its focus to inflation, geopolitical conflicts and potential recession, how are the private markets responding in different geographies? How are leading fund managers taking the offensive in this new climate? Additionally, what opportunities are presenting across varying markets to better prepare for future global challenges?


Portfolio Optimization & Value Creation—Tools & Strategies Leading Funds Use to Support 

Growth & Reduce Costs


How are private equity firms navigating their portfolio companies through the continuing headwinds caused by economic conditions and the stock market slide. What strategies are GPs utilizing to preserve liquidity, reduce costs, create value, and drive EBITDA? How do partners and leading consultants identify opportunities to boost long term innovation and productivity in portfolio companies?


A Spotlight on ESG Management: Navigating Growing Expectations


Sustainable investing has never been more important in the private equity community, with a wave of social and environmental challenges markets are showing a shift of trillions of dollars into sustainable financial investments. What’s truly driving the trend toward “sustainable capitalism”? How are GPs responding to LPs ESG agendas in private equity? How are LPs and GPs making a difference and driving profits? Experts discuss how to best understand the relationship between corporate sustainability practices and company financial performance


Sourcing, Practicing Efficient Due Diligence & Downside Risk Mitigation


In the midst of continued economic uncertainty, what is the current reality and outlook for deal sourcing and pricing? 

What are the primary due diligence focal points, and how are they shifting in today’s climate? Furthermore, which risks pose the greatest challenge, and how are investors hedging against potential pitfalls? Panelists discuss how their sourcing procedures, due diligence strategies and risk mitigation practices are adapting to today’s climate and share thoughts on best practices for the future. 


Limited Partner Roundtable


A conversation with leading global LPs allocating to private markets in the US and covering key investment and monitoring themes influencing investments ranging from effects of inflation, geopolitical concerns, co-investments, direct investments/developing a private equity team, valuations, ESG, and fund types from buyout to venture, private debt and real assets. Panelists discuss key attributes they expect from fund managers and their view on everything from hyper fundraising cycles to diversity & inclusion measures.


Private Credit—Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities

Current economic uncertainty is causing significant implications for private credit lenders, who are preparing for potential bankruptcy, workout scenarios, or term amendment discussions. Historically low interest rates and concerns over later term liquidity are prompting many portfolio companies that are financially strong to tap their revolving credit lines. Despite the headwinds, many managers are continuing to cautiously make new deals in favorable sectors such as business services, and IT as well as look at purchasing attractive loans on the secondary market. Leading managers discuss what changes they are seeing in the private credit markets and their outlooks on the future of the asset class. Additionally, can any parallels be drawn from the 2008 financial crisis?


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