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The 8th Annual Southeast Institutional Forum is an educational initiative designed through close coordination with the region’s leading institutional investors to build peer communities that merge global best practices with local expertise. The forum is designed to bring together fund leadership teams, investment officers, board members, trustees, and their consultants representing the Southeast institutional investment community.

The forum's agenda was developed through extensive local travel and feedback from the institutional investor community representing institutional asset owners across public and corporate pension plans, endowments, foundations, insurance portfolios, healthcare plans, and investment consultants.

We’re committed to the health and safety of all of our attendees.  At each of our events the following COVID-19 related protocols will be in place to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all guests:

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Key Discussion Topics

ESG in Practice for Long Term Investors

The panel will examine specific strategies investors are using to address and integrate ESG issues in systematic value and multi-factor-based frameworks, among other ideas.

Quality Investing – An All-Weather Approach

We believe Quality attributes – such as pricing power, high barriers to entry and strong competitive advantages – may lead to more predictable earnings that compound over time as well as provide downside protection. While economic growth has started to normalize, there are risks that still need to be monitored. Investors continue to worry about rising inflation and a resurgence of COVID-19. In the most recent bull market, multiple expansion disproportionately contributed to total shareholder return. As the economy reopens and interest rates rise, multiple expansion may not just become less relevant for total shareholder returns but may turn into a headwind. The way we see it, instead of trying to predict the hurricane, we would rather put our energies into building the levee to contain the flood and invest in high quality companies.

Why the Opportunity Set in Small Cap Still Makes Sense 

This session will examine how active management in small cap can add value, the dynamics of why small caps are underfollowed and underinvested in, and why allocators should use their risk budget towards small cap.

Fixed Income: Why It Still Matters

Our panel will show how the difference between fixed income risk and opportunity is simply a matter of tolerance.

Leveraging Alternatives (or Real Assets) to Manage Risk & Inflation

As 2020 has demonstrated, the need for a holistic portfolio approach to managing risk can greatly benefit from the inclusion of alternative assets such as commodities, gold, hedge funds, and real estate which protected against volatility and outperformed traditional stock/bond allocations. Looking ahead, the growing specter of inflation presents a new challenge for investors that alternatives may also help offer a solution to protect portfolios. This session will cover those solutions and provide insight into what to expect in the months & years ahead. 

Innovation in Biotechnology: Blending Public and Private Market Opportunities

After a strong 2020 largely fueled by the sector’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the biotechnology sector has underperformed the broader market in the first half of 2021. Despite this year’s slow start, rapid innovation and more reasonable valuation levels should provide a tailwind for the sector. In this session, we review the thematic case for biotech and discuss the sector’s accelerating pace of innovation that should offer the opportunity for substantial growth for years to come. In addition, we’ll outline the benefits of combining public equities and private placements in long-biased portfolio to maximize the opportunity set.

An Evolving World for Alternative Credit

Following the global financial crisis, a low-rate environment has forced investors to rethink asset allocation in order to meet their portfolio objectives. This prolonged market condition has put stress on traditional credit and fixed income instruments that have historically played a critical role in portfolios. Further, hedge fund strategies employed to provide diversification and non-correlation have struggled to deliver. These dynamics are leading investors to increasingly embrace alternative ESG strategies that look to take advantage of more complex, and often less liquid, opportunities. The panelists will seek to define the various segments within alternative credit, to highlight several key characteristics of these strategies, and to discuss real-time examples of opportunities in today’s market.

A Conversation with the Region’s Leading Chief Investment Officers

This discussion Chief Investment Officers will focus on the key investment and management issues facing their funds, along with what they consider to be their plans' "best ideas" with regard to investment strategy. 


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