5th Annual Private Wealth UK Forum–Autumn London | 18 November 2020 Request Agenda

The 5th Annual Private Wealth UK Forum brings together 75+ allocators of high-net-worth capital from the UK, including leading private banks, wealth managers and family offices. The event is a one-day networking and peer education platform. The meeting's program covers asset allocation, trust and estate planning, family governance, risk management and alternative asset classes.


Please note only corporate email addresses will be accepted only. If you have any questions or problems registering, please contact us.

Key Discussion Topics

  • The event will provide updated education on asset allocation and asset protection learn how local and regional clients are growing their assets and protecting their wealth.
  • Structuring, Tax, Trust and Estate Planning–Learn about the latest regulations.
  • Alternative Investments–Private equity, hedge funds, real estate, commodities and esoteric asset classes all hold appeal for wealthy families. How do we demystify allocations outside the traditional markets?
  • Philanthropy–How are philanthropy leaders and impact investors approaching this concept when investing their money?
  • Family Governance–How can effective governance structures face the challenges of family, business, financial and legacy continuity in order to sustain and preserve wealth for generations to come?


ALLOCATORS: Complimentary Registration for all qualified allocators. Email IR@marketsgroup.org for more information on obtaining a complimentary ticket.

MANAGERS & SERVICE PROVIDERS: Rates below reflect the current price for all asset managers and service providers.


Sponsorship is only available upon invitation and Markets Group reserves the right to refuse sponsorship from any organization or individual deemed by Markets Group to be incompatible with the event. Markets Group forum sessions are closed to all media/press and video/audio recording is explicitly prohibited within the venue.


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