10th Annual Private Equity Latin America Forum São Paulo | December 3-4, 2018 Request Agenda

The 10th Annual Private Equity Latin America Forum is Latin America's largest private markets investment conference.

The forum brings together 600+ investors, funds, and advisers for a two day meeting to discuss sectors, due diligence, and private equity investment opportunities in Latin America and around the world.

The investor focused event provides a due diligence forum for international and South American pension funds, foundations, endowments, fund of funds, family offices, wealth managers, consultants, and sovereign wealth funds interested in direct research on private investment opportunities.

Session topics cover the entire spectrum of private equity investments, from sector specific sessions on venture capital investments in Brazil and LatAm to discussions on global buyout opportunities, and roundtables of the biggest global LatAm institutional investors discussing their specific investment appetites.


Fernando Henrique Cardoso, 34th President (1995—2003), Federative Republic of Brazil

Mr. Cardoso was President of the Federative Republic of Brazil from January 1995 to January 2003, winning two elections by an absolute majority. Since 1960, he was one of the most influential figures in the analysis of large-scale social change, international development, dependency and democracy. President Cardoso built on a successful academic career to become involved in Brazil’s struggle for democracy to overcome its authoritarian military regime (1964-85). He was elected Senator in 1982, and he was a founding member of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB). He served as Minister of Foreign Relations from 1992-93 and Minister of Finance from 1993-94. President Cardoso now serves as President of the United Nations Panel of Eminent Personalities on the revitalization of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Mark Mobius, Founding Partner, Mobius Capital Partners

Dr. Mobius is seen by many as the founder of the emerging markets asset class. He has a reputation as one of the most successful and influential managers over last 30 years. In May 2018 with two ex-colleagues, he launched Mobius Capital Partners. The firm utilizes a highly specialized active investment approach with an emphasis on improving governance standards in Emerging and Frontier Market companies. Prior to this, Dr. Mobius was employed at Franklin Templeton Investments for more than 30 years, most recently as Executive Chairman of the Templeton Emerging Markets Group. His career and influence has earned him numerous industry awards. He received his Ph.D. at MIT and has studied at Boston University, University of Wisconsin, Syracuse University, Kyoto University and the University of New Mexico.

Laura Chinchilla Miranda, 46th President (2010—2014), Republic of Costa Rica

Ms. Chinchilla was the first woman to win the presidency in Costa Rica. In her four years in office, between 2010 and 2014, her major achievements were centered and focused on reducing crime, improving public safety, controlling inflation (under 5%) and establishing public healthcare. As a member of the National Liberation Party (PNL), she had positions in government under Jose Maria Figueres where she was first appointed Vice-Minister of Public Security (1994-1996), advancing that platform between 1996 and 1998. Since 1990 she has worked as a public administration consultant to various international organizations, with whom she collaborated on numerous projects and implemented studies in Latin America and Africa. Laura Chinchilla obtained her degree in Political Science from the University of Costa Rica in 1982.

Scott Dahnke, Global Chief Executive Officer, L Catterton

Mr. Dahnke is the Global Co-CEO of L Catterton. Mr. Dahnke has a broad range of business experience in private equity, consulting, management, and finance. Prior to joining L Catterton over 15 years ago, he was a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank Capital Partners and at AEA Investors, Chief Executive Officer of infoUSA (now privately-held infogroup), and Partner at McKinsey & Com-pany. His early career also includes experience in the Merger Department of Goldman, Sachs & Co. and with General Motors. Mr. Dahnke received a Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude, in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. He also received academic honors while earning a MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Carlos Fernando dos Santos Lima, Federal Prosecutor, Brazilian Federal Prosecution Office

Mr. Fernando is Regional Attorney of the Republic in São Paulo-PRR3, and a former member of the Lava Jato Task Force in Curitiba. He began his career in 1995 at the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office, being responsible for the installation of the Attorney's Office in the munic-ipality of Foz do Iguaçu. He later served in the Attorney's Office of the Republic of Paraná, where he was twice a Criminal Coordinator. From 2003 to 2006 he was a member of the Banestado Task Force/CC5, the largest white collar crime investigation in the country prior to Operation Lava Jato. Mr. Fernando earned his Master of Laws degree from Cornell Law School.

Roberto Quarta, Partner & Chairman, Europe, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice

Mr. Quarta has been a Partner at CD&R for 17 years and is chairman of CD&R Europe. Based in London, he played the lead operating role in the Firm’s investment in SPIE and served as chairman of the supervisory board of Rexel during CD&R’s ownership of the company from 2005 to 2014. In addition, Mr. Quarta is chairman of WPP plc and Smith & Nephew plc. Prior to CD&R, he served as CEO of BBA Group plc from 1993 to 2001, leading the successful restructuring and reorganization of the company, and continued to serve as chairman from 2001 to 2006. Mr. Quarta also held various senior leadership positions with BTR plc and served on the board of directors. He is former chairman of IMI plc and a former non-executive director of SPIE, BAE Systems plc, Foster Wheeler Corporation, Fondo Strategico Italiano, Equant NV, and PowerGen plc. Mr. Quarta earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of the Holy Cross.

Amaury Bier, Chief Executive Officer, Gávea Investimentos

Mr. Bier joined Gávea in 2004 as a partner and is currently the CEO and Head of the Private Equity Unit. Prior to joining Gávea, he was the Deputy Finance Minister of Brazil (1999-2002), being one of the leaders of the Federal privatization process and held positions as Chairman of the Board of directors at Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal, Banespa and Banco do Nordeste. Amaury was an Executive Director at World Bank (2002-2004), Chief Economist at Citibank Brazil (1994-1996), Partner in local consultancy group Kandir & Associados (from late 1992 to late 1993), and a Senior Economist for Brazilian companies Sadia and Copersucar. Amaury completed a PhD course in Economics from the University of São Paulo, where he also taught Economics (1985-86).

Mario Blejer, Former President (2002), Central Bank of Argentina

Mr. Blejer has held the positions of President of the Central Bank of Argentina, Senior Adviser to the Governor of the Bank of England and Director of its Centre for Central Banking Studies, and held senior positions at the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Currently he is Deputy Chairman of Bano Hipotecario, one of Argentina's largest commercial banks and Board Director, IRSA, Argentina's largest real estate company. He is a visiting Professor in the Insitute of Global Affairs at the London School of Economics, has a PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago and an MA in Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Carlos Geraldo Langoni, Former President (1980—1983), Central Bank of Brazil

Mr. Langoni is a Former President of Brazil’s Central Bank (1980 - 1983). He is the President of Projeta Consultoria Econômica Ltda., M & A operations and consultant on strategic planning and macroeconomic outlook for 40 major Brazilian corporations such as Price Water-house Coopers, VISA, Bradesco, Coca-Cola, Shell, Oi Telecom and Globo Organizations. He is also the Director of the World Economic Center at Getulio Vargas Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, sponsored by 30 private corporations. Mr. Langoni has published nine books, including Development Crisis: Blueprint to Change, International Center for Economic Growth, San Francisco, 1988. Foreword by Paul Volcker.

Henrique de Campos Meirelles, Minister of Finance (2016—2018), Brazil Ministry of Finance

Mr. Meirelles was the longest-serving president of the Central Bank of Brazil between 2003 and 2011; a period of economic growth, job creation and inflation control. Mr. Meirelles pulled Brazil out of the deepest recession in its history with institutional advances made between 2016 and 2017 with the public spending limitations, new State-Owned Companies Law and labor reform. In the private sector, he worked for 28 years at the Bank of Boston and is the only Brazilian to hold the role of Global President. He was also Chairman of the investment bank Lazard Americas, Senior Advisor at KKR, and Chairman of Lloyds of London. In 2002, he was elected as the most voted congressman in the history of his home state of Goiás. In 2018, Meirelles ran for the Brazilian Presidency, receiving 1.3 million votes all over the country. He graduated from the University of São Paulo (USP), with a master’s degree in economics and master’s degree in administration from the UFRJ.









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Key Discussion Topics

  • A 2019 outlook delivered directly from the leading Brazilian GP's
  • How the upcoming Brazilian Presidential Elections will affect PE Markets
  • Perspective from local & global investors; learn about their strategies and what it takes for a manager to pique their interest
  • Impact and ESG private market investing in Latin America
  • infrastructure Investments: mining, metal, oil, gas,. transportation, and renewable energy 
  • Commercial, residential, industrial, and office real estate investment theses
  • Healthcare, Education, and Technology investments in Brazil & Latin America
  • Investment outlooks by country
  • How portfolio company CEO's have added value through private equity investment


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