São Paulo, Brazil | May 13, 2015


Henrique Meirelles Former President Central Bank of Brazil
Maurício Marcellini CIO Funcef
Jorge Simino CIO Fundação Cesp
Gabriel Amado de Moura CIO Fundação Itaú Unibanco (Brazil)
Antonio J. Carvalho Trustee PREVI
Carlos Kawall Chief Economist Banco J Safra
Clayton Ferraz de Paiva President Fachesf
Nélia de Campo Pozzi President Sindapp
Fabio Mazzeo CEO Metrus
Ana Nolte Senior Investment Officer, Offshore Investments Valia
Arlete Nese Investment Officer Banesprev
Flavio Pacheco Moreira Head of Asset-Liability Management Petros
Edner Castilho Head of Risk Management Fundação Cesp
Reinaldo Soares de Camargo Head of Asset Liability Management Funcef
Francisco José Bastos Santos Superintendent Comissão de Valores Mobiliários—CVM
Jaime Mariz Secretary of Complementary Private Pension SPPC, Ministry of Social Security
Maurício de Aguirre Nakata Director of Actuarial Accounting and Economic Matters DIACE—PREVIC
Nairam Barros Executive Director AGROS (Brazil)


Our event team will be sending you the agenda momentarily.

Key Discussion Topics Include:

  • Investment Strategies for Long Term Asset Preservation and Growth, Access to Alternative Investments & the Future of International Asset Allocation.
  • Trends and Macroeconomic Prospects in Brazilian and Global Economies and Best Practices in Asset-Liability & Risk Management.
  • Current Brazilian Pension Fund Regulation, New Legislation & Considerations in Fundraising & Capital Allocation.


The Pension Fund Brazil Forum was designed in collaboration with leading Brazilian pension fund decision makers to support the Brazilian pension funds who are confronted with falling local interest rates, the threat of inflation at home and rapidly increasing liabilities tied to an increasingly robust but aging middle class. The Pension Fund Brazil Forum provides a crucial opportunity for Brazilian pension funds, asset managers and industry experts to work together toward solutions in Brazilian pension fund portfolio construction, Brazilian pension fund asset allocation and investment strategy, as well as develop innovative strategies for liability and lifecycle modeling for Brazilian pension funds.

More than 100 Brazilian pension CIOs, CEOs, portfolio managers, administrators and economists will meet with alternative and traditional asset management leaders, industry associations, global fund managers and key economic experts to discuss, debate and strategize a new asset allocation model for Brazilian pension funds, address key questions on Brazilian pension fund regulation, governance, talent retention and long-term investment strategy.>Brazil's Pensions Are Hungry For International Investments

    • International Equities: developing versus developed market exposure
    • Long term return opportunities
    • Alternative Investments: Instrumental Growth in Illiquid and Liquid Strategies

Developing Strategies for Pension Asset Growth:

    • Modeling & Predicting Liabilities & Sponsor life cycles
    • Revising current models of asset allocation
    • Current regulation and pending legislation: reinventing the rules of investing

Fundraising Tutotials for Global Asset Managers:

    • Compliance & operational steps in raising pension fund capital
    • The stucture of investment decision making in a Brazilian pension fund
    • Demystifying local appetite for your product
    • Leveraging consultant relationships
    • Exploring and establishing local institutional partnerships


Explore Investment opportunities and learn about asset allocation from local and international industry leaders.

Meet with Latin America’s largest institutional investor market managing $500 Billion in Assets.

Learn with experts about key challenges of Brazilian pension funds and how to meet their needs.


Renaissance Hotel

Alameda Santos, 2233

Cerqueira César

São Paulo, SP

+55 11 3069-2233

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Head of Private Equity and Brazilian Pension Funds

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Paloma Lima-Mayland

Head of Private Equity and Brazilian Pension Funds

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